Information and Requirements


For attending school and getting your license




· Students are required to have proof of a high school diploma or G.E.D


· Students must be 18 years of age or older


· All students must attend all 60 instructional hours of the program to be eligible to take the Real Estate examination.


· Hours missed cannot exceed 12 (which satisfies the Maryland Higher Education Commission requirement of attending at a minimum rate of 80%) If hours missed exceeds 12, the student will be terminated.


· Make up sessions will be provided at no additional fee to students at the end of the program. All hours missed must be made up. A certificate will not be awarded until the hours are completed. Student have six months from the date of the initial class to complete all requirements of the program.


· Course attendance does not require nor guarantee a certain salary or affiliation with a Real Estate company.



                   Tuition                   $99.00             60 hours

Administrative fee                   

                    Books                   $75.00



Payment in full is due at or before the first class. Pay with money order or check


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